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    Air Install Corrupt? Cannot install anything, cannot uninstall AIR?

    Ron Jeffries

      It all started when TweetDeck stopped working. I tried to remove it, and it displayed a bunch of dialogs with squares instead of characters. I tried to install it and got a refusal to install from Air, message 2032.


      I started Prezi to see if it would run. Prezi runs, and said that it had an update. I tried to load the update and got a message that the update would not load.


      My guess is that my Air install is bad. So ...


      I tried to uninstall Air, and it told  me that it was going to break Acrobat. (Thanks a ton, do you have any idea what I paid for Acrobat!?!?)


      I decided to go ahead, and the uninstall hung and would not proceed.


      I tried to load Air on top of the existing install and it refused to install because it thought it was already installed.


      So now I can't update anything that relies on Air, and I can't uninstall it, and I can't reload it.


      Please advise ...