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    SOLUTION: Building the Flex 2 FlexStore application in Flex 3

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      I gave step by step instructions on building the Flex 2 FlexStore application in Flex 3 as a post in the Adobe Flex 3 Cookbook:


      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/communityengine/index.cfm?event=showdetails&productId=2&postI d=15606&loc=en_US


      If you don't want to go there, here are the instructions:


      1) Download the Adobe FlexStore archive flexstore.zip file.
          - go to http://examples.adobe.com/flex2/inproduct/sdk/flexstore/flexstore.html
          - right-click the application and select View Source
          - click the "Download source (ZIP, 1769K)" link in bottom of the left-side-bar

      2) Create a directory "flexstore" somewhere on your harddrive

      3) Extract the contents of the flexstore.zip file to the directory flexstore you
         just created. The directory flexstore should now have these top-level contents:
             assets           (directory)
             data             (directory)
             productsView     (directory)
             samples          (directory)
             AC_OETags.js     (file)
             beige.css        (file)
             blue.css         (file)
             build.bat        (file)
             build.sh         (file)
             flexstore.html   (file)
             flexstore.mxml   (file)
             HomeView.mxml    (file)
             main.css         (file)
             ProductsView.mxml    (file)
             README.htmlSupportView.mxml   (file)
      4) Launch Flex Builder 3.

      5) Select File - Switch Workspace and change the workspace to the directory
         containing the directory "flexstore" you created.

      6) After Flex Builder re-launches, create a new Flex Project named "flexstore":
          - ensure the "Web application" radio button is selected for "Application type"
          - click the "Next" button, not the "Finish" button
          - click "Next" again in the "Configure Output" screen
          - ensure the "Main source folder" TextInput has "src" in it
          - ensure the "Main application file" TextInput has "flexstore.mxml" in it
          - click the Finish button
      7) Drag all the unzipped files now visible in your Flex Builder "flexstore" project
         folder to the "src" folder Flex Builder created for you, and click "Yes" when
         asked if you want to overwrite the flexstore.mxml file Flex Builder created for you.

      8) In Flex Builder, drag the following folders into the "src" folder:
          - assets
          - data
          - productsView
          - samples
      9) Right click file build.bat and select Open With - Text Editor.
          - Remove the following line from the file:
               ..\..\bin\mxmlc.exe %OPTS% flexstore.mxml
          - Edit the following lines, replacing "..\..\bin\mxmlc.exe" with the hardcoded
            path to the mxmlc compiler for the Flex 3 SDK, which on my computer is
            "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.2.0\bin\mxmlc.exe". Make sure
            it is enclosed in double-quotes. This will be to build.sh for Mac users.
               ..\..\bin\mxmlc.exe %OPTS% beige.css
               ..\..\bin\mxmlc.exe %OPTS% blue.css
               "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.2.0\bin\mxmlc.exe" %OPTS% beige.css
               "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.2.0\bin\mxmlc.exe" %OPTS% blue.css
      10) Open a DOS window (Terminal in Mac) and change the current directory to the "src"
          directory on the local harddisk, which for me is:
      11) Execute build.bat (build.sh on Mac).

      12) Ensure beige.swf and blue.swf are created in the project "src" directory.

      13) Select Project - Clean to rebuild the project.

      14) Ensure beige.swf and blue.swf and all the other files from the src
          directory were copied to the bin-debug folder.
      15) You should now be able to launch the application.