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    Video glitches!

    mejanr Level 1

      Hello again,


      I am wondering if anyone has experienced probs. after burning, with small sections of blurry and jerky footage?

      When I play the video on my computer in PE7, the video plays fine, but after burning and playing on my DVD player on TV, some of the video footage of a fast moving object is jerky - it is as if the burning process, or DVD player, could not keep up with the fast movement?

      Do you know what causes this and is there any remedy?


      Also this may be a silly question, is there a way to delete many keyframe markers in the one spot, all at once? I want to redo some that I placed on timeline, using the volume slider in audio mixer.


      Thanks for any help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          1. Combing, jerky playback and occasionally glitchiness in a video is most often related to the source video. What kind of camcorder did this video come from and how did you get it into your computer?


          2. The easiest way to remove extra keyframs from audio is to right-click the audio track and select Show Properties to open the Properties panel.


          Click the Show Keyframes timeline button, if it isn't visible. With the slider, you can zoom in as much as you need to -- then just select the keyframe points and delete them as needed.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            For now I will just comment on your first question....


            SG asks important questions about the source and format of your Timeline content. I too would like to know the brand and model of the camcorder involved. If you are using a camcorder that records to its built in hard drive and are not setting for the appropriate Premiere Elements project preset, there could be some Fields issues involved. That is just speculation at this point since I do not have all the details of your situation.


            However, I would ask this question. Before you head over to burn, are you Rendering the Timeline in the program's Edit Mode by pressing the Enter of the computer main keyboard? When you do this, you will get the best possible preview of what the end product should look like. What do you get when you do this:

            a. before OK/after OK


            b. before OK/after distortion


            If the Rendering yields a preview with the distortion described, you could see if right clicking the video on the Timeline, selecting Fields Options, and then selecting Reverse Field Dominance has any affect when you try the Rendering of the Timeline again.


            Just some thoughts.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The two ways to insure the best possible DVD-Video burn are:


              1.) Use the best media available. This often comes down to either Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden blank media. Most others are to be avoided.


              2.) Burn at the slowest possible speed. This is tougher with PrE, as it takes the average of the speed of your media and that of your burner, and automatically chooses the fastest possible speed, based on that combo. This is one reason that many use a freeware burning software, ImgBurn, to set the speed down to ~ 2x.


              Now, that said, the issues that those "fixes" address is the inability to play the disc on a set-top player, hangs in the set-top player, and skipping in the set-top player. This is NOT what it sounds like you are facing, but is good info to have, none the less.


              Two things that CAN contribute to similar problems are the Field Dominence of the source material and the limitation of either/or both, the camera's inability to capture fast action, or the MPEG-2 CODEC's inability to handle the same.


              As it appears that you have the issues in certain spots, it is likely an issue with either your source footage there, or with a difference in the subject matter there.


              First, is there any fast motion, especially across the axis of the lens? This can be subject motion, or camera motion, i.e. a fast pan, etc.


              Second, does the source footage in these spots differ from that in other areas, that looks good.


              Steve has asked for details on your Project and your Assets, i.e. your "source footage." When you provide those, please give some thought to the "First," and "Second" comments immediately above.


              Good luck,



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                mejanr Level 1


                Thanks for all your replies.

                A HD camera will be my next investment!

                Atm I am using a Sony Digital 8 handycam. I did set project presets for DV Pal. Frame size is 720 x 576 vertical 4.3  I did not change any other settings. Should I check any of the other project settings and if so which ones.? I am reluctant to change Field Dominance settings in case anything goes wrong so close to completion!

                I have only ever rendered by clicking on Timeline, then Render work area as I go, never in Edit mode. I am not sure how that works.

                The glitchy footage is where there is a fast moving subject or I have done a fast pan when filming ( it looks fine when played on the computer) Source footage is the same as other good video. Though there is some home movie footage I captured from video tape included in my project, plus some still jpg and bmp images, but all that plays fine.

                But I suspect that my camera may not be good enough to capture fast movement properly.

                I have only burnt copies from PE7 so far, so may give ImgBurn a try.

                Thanks again.


                P.S. Is it necessary to disable windows updates and virus updates etc. before burning. I do turn off the internet.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  I am reluctant to change Field Dominance settings in case anything goes wrong so close to completion!


                  The way to keep your Project intact, but experiment with it is to do a Save_As. What this does is creates a new .PREL file (your Project file), named as you choose. It then leaves this "copy" w/ the new name in PrE, and your original Project is NOT being worked on any longer. It is safe. I'd do the rename something like "[File Name]_test" so I would not confuse the original and the one I was now working on.


                  As for your Assets, you have two subjects (fast subject movement, and fast camera movement), that are really tough to get cleanly into MPEG-2 format - the format of a DVD-Video. Since your other footage, from that camera, are good, you are not likely seeing a Field Dominence issue. You'd see problems in most of it.


                  Now, in PrPro, and Encore, you could directly address this by editing so that you have isolated these special situations onto separate Sequences. Then, in either PrPro, or Encore, you could up the bit-rate of just these segments to the max DVD-spec. allowable. They will swell a bit, and take a bit away from other, more static footage, should your DVD-5 be full.


                  If you are not using VBR 2-pass, and I think that PrE does this by default, you should try this, as it will find the high-motion footage, and try to account for this. In Hollywood, Transcoding programs are used, that will do 20-pass Transcoding, and are run by high-paid, extremely skilled technicians, who do nothing, but Transcode all day. Of course their Transcoders cost $200,000 and up.


                  What you have, might be "as good as it gets."


                  Good luck,



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                    mejanr Level 1

                    Thanks for that.

                    I just realized that my last two trial burns were Sony dvds rather than the Verbatim ones I used previously so It may be as simple as switching back to Verbatim. Here's hoping anyway!!

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I do not know the Sony media. I have not heard any bad reports on it, as I constantly do with Ritek, Memorex, TDK (now) and many "store-brands."


                      Good luck, and please let us know about how the Verbatim discs perform, against the Sonys. Just to see if it is a burn issue, try a test: Burn to Folder from PrE, and download, install and use ImgBurn to do the physical burn. It's small and freeware. Choose the slowest speed, such as 2x. This will rule out any deficiency with the media and also the higher-speed burning.



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                        mejanr Level 1

                        Will do test burn and report back - thanks.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          I'll check in next week, when I return to AZ.


                          Hope that all goes well,