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    Moduler based Approach in Flex

    Abbas AB

      Hi, I want to make an application which will be the collection of the modules and each module will load when it will required for example there are two modules loginModule and registerModule then there will be two links (login and register) on the main Application when user will click on the login link then there will be load the loginModule similar case will be with the register link. Please if you know about it then refer me any tutorial etc about it.

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          Barna Biro Level 3

          I don't know of any tutorials that cover this but if you sit down a bit and think the problem then you'll see that it's easy. In essence, each module is a component, so when you want to add a module, you simply instantiate and add the desired component. You can't really "load in modules", except if each module is a separate .swf file ( but I'd suggest you don't do that ).