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    No audio in timeline - Macbook

    Tyson skate

      Whenever i import a video to After Effects on my Macbook, theres audio when i play it in the viewer, but when i bring it into the timelime, the video has no audio and the video is all choppy with lines across the player when there is movement. does anyone know how to solve these two problems?





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What files and what version of AE? Sounds like you are trying to import some MPEG derivative into AE that it doesn't support....



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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            Or maybe just a interlaced video.


            Select your file in the project panel, right clic on it select Interpret footage > main. Now on the seperate fields select upper or lower (depending on your source, if you not sure try both setting to see which one works the best) and check the "preserve edge quality" checkbox. Now close the dialog and check your footage again for any improvement.


            As for the audio, do your layer have the volume icon next to the eye icon, generally on the left of your layer's name in the timeline window.