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    Using the automated voices for text box audio?

    Hillside# Level 1

      We use the auomated/generated voices to great effect when publishing drafts of content for SME and other parties to review and comment on before going for proper voice over treatment. ( and sometimes we leave it in auto mode)


      However I can't think of a method to use the automated voices to come up with the goods within text boxes.


      For example in a series of slides we may have a developing flow chart style scenario - the original issue and question is part of the main slide audio but when the click box options reveal the chosen path of the student I'd like to be able to use the same generated voice within thetext box as it is revealled.


      Any ideas?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I'm assuming your reference to "automated voices" is referring to the Text To Speech function? And when you say "text boxes" you mean Text Captions? (Text Boxes often means a Text Entry Box where the end viewer interacts by typing text into a field)


          Assuming I'm understanding you correctly, what you need is an efficient way to copy the text of all the Text Captions and insert it into the Slide Notes areas.


          One way of doing this is to edit slide 1. Press F5 to open the Record Audio dialog. On this dialog are two tabs. One displays Captions and the other displays Slide Notes. Fortunately this dialog allows you to type directly into the Slide Notes area.


          So you could use this dialog to select the text on the Captions tab, then click over to the Slide Notes tab and paste the Caption text. Then click the arrow on the dialog to move to the next slide where you would repeat the process.


          Click image below for possibly larger view




          Cheers... Rick



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