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    How do i restrict textFlow to single line in Flex3 (with flash 10)?

    The Bruder Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to create a text component that will use the new flash 10 text engile in flex 3.


      I created a project, imported the ilbraries, changed the sdk to the new one and used the code:







      new UIComponent();

      _textContainer.width =


      function onCreationComplete():void {

      _textContainer =



      _textContainer.height =







      var docc:DisplayObjectContainerController = new DisplayObjectContainerController(_textContainer, this.width, this.height);




      var _textFlow:TextFlow;


      _textFlow = TextFilter.importToFlow(textInput, TextFilter.TEXT_LAYOUT_FORMAT);





      //adding Select/Edit/Copy/Paste/Undo features



      _textFlow.interactionManager =


      new EditManager(new UndoManager());




      // initialize with a selection before the first character






      it works great, but how do i restrict it to only one line?


      Thanks in advance,