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    AVHCD my HD experience so far with Premier Elements 7




      I thought I would try and contribute to the ongoing discussion about HD video, and in particular the use of AVHCD media with Premiere Elements 7. I

      wandered into this arena rather than planning my way in but luckily I am having a good time. I hope my experiences may be useful to others here.


      My aim is to shoot and edit video at the best quality possible but remaining comfortably within the current capability of my PC and its

      operating system.


      I am no editing expert by any means but I have been editing my home movies for several years using various bits of software and operating systems

      along the way.


      I am brand new to the world of High Definition and I currently intend to playback my movies on a Sony PS3 and a high definition tv. I archive my

      finished movies on hard disk rather than burn to DVD. I dont yet have a blueray burner.


      My current equipment.






      My camera is the Sony AVCHD HDR-TG7VE. It has 4 HD recording modes.


      HD FH = 1920 x 1080/50i 16M

      HD HQ = 1440 x 1080/50i 9M

      HD SP = 1440 x 1080/50i 7M

      HD LP = 1440 x 1080/50i 5M


      For further details see here







      My editing system consists of the following;


      Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz

      4 GB RAM

      3 SATA Hard drives, for for system files, 2 WD caviar black drives for editing.


      Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 32bit version.

      Premier Elements 7 full version.


      Windows System Assessment


      CPU Score 5.60 (Calculations per second)

      Memory Score 5.90 (Memory operations per second)

      Graphics Score 5.90 (Desktop performance for Windows Aero)

      D3D Score 5.90 (3D business and gaming graphics performance)

      Disk Score 5.70 (Disk data transfer rate)

      Windows Experience Index 5.60 (Base score)


      Current workflow



      I have only been experimenting for a couple of days but this is my current





      1. I shoot my video in HD HQ.
      2. I use the supplied Sony software to get the files into my PC
      3. I convert those files into MPEG2HD using Free AVCHD Converter V1.0 as recommended on this site.
      4. I leave the output format as standard except I raise the Video bitrate to 2500 Kbps as recommended in other posts on here.
      5. I use the HDV 720p 25 preset for my project
      6. I output as a PC file, MPEG HD720p



      Using these settings I have a pleasant editing experience and the finished product is certainly much better than using standard definition. When I add my clips to the timeline I don't get the red bar across the top of them unless I add an effect. This saves rendering time and provides for smooth playback within Premiere Elements 7 as I check my edits.


      Now, I have no idea if what I am doing is correct and I would dearly love to hear suggestions for how I can improve things further. The good news for me however is that I can use my new camera without having to upgrade my PC.