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    How to distribute forms?



      My idea was to make an invoice for a couple of colleges in Acrobat 9 Pro, 9.1.3, using forms.

      They were supposed to use the invoice directly to their clients (not send back replies or filled in documents to me) - so they needed to save their own copy of the invoice document.

      When I e-mailed them the invoice they couldn´t fill it in and save as a new document - the document went blank when they saved.

      In Acrobat help I found something like extended authority (or something like that - it was in swedish) - but where do I find that in Acrobat?


      I did this once before with an earlier version of Acrobat and it worked perfectly...


      Is there another way to do this in Acrobat?


      I´m using PC, windows XP - and my colleges are using mac....


      please help!


      /Jonas Rosenberg