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    How to embed and hide swf file


      Hi, I'm creating an air app and I need to embed some swf's into the main app but when I export the app and install it the swf's are copied into program files.

      Is there any way to embed them into the main swf app without let them visible or accesible?

      I don't want to use local storage because someone can easily find the swf's later.


      Many thanks

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          I might be wrong here, but if you're using the [Embed(source="somedirectory/myswf.swf")] to embed your swfs, I think this compiles them directly into your main swf.


          So, when you actually build your .air installer, you can deselect the "somedirectory" folder from the list of folders that will be included in the install. You just have to click "next" rather than "finish" when you start the wizard to publish your .air build.



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            fexnok Level 1

            Yes it works fine, the problem is that I've got many swf's and one swf calls another.

            I 'm trying to "hide" those swf's inside the EncryptedLocalStore,  but the swf's will be a visible external asset as well