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    Yes, I have a question about calculations

    kimbradford Level 1

      I have created an order form.  In the field showing my calculation script is shows 0.00.  I don't want the 0.00 to show, I want it blank until a calculation has been performed.  What script do I put in to say I don't want to see the 0.00.





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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you are performing a 'Custom calculation script' you can test to see if you have the necessary input values and perform the calculation and show a zero value if that is the result of the calculation.


          If you are using the short cut calculations, you can use the following script for a "Custom validation scrpt':


          // if this field's value (event) is equal to zero set field value to null string

          if(event.value == 0) evetn.value = '';


          The above code is for forms created in Acrobat using Acrobat's Formtool and not forms created with LiveCycle Designer.