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    FMSURL flag does not function

    Mr Binitie Level 1

      Hi There,

      I've been doing some work with the OSFM and I have come across a really major problem.

      I assume that in order to get the OSFM to process FMS instances the useInstance boolean needs to be set to true

      When you set the params as FMSURL(REMOTE_STREAM, true), the player hangs. and nothing is registered in the FMS administrator


      these were my results when using the FMSURL


      folder structure


      target stream



      "rtmp://mrbinitie/clearwater/darkwater/wolverine" ::: FMSURL is true :: fails


      "rtmp://mrbinitite/clearwater/streams/darkwater/wolverine" ::: FMSURL is false ::success

      Why is this happening? If its my understanding of the system then please fill in the gaps for me.
      If its a Framework problem then it really needs to be fixed quickly