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    Plugin not found

      I have created an air app that simply uses the URLLoader to request a webpage. That works fine. The issue is that the webpage displays the "install missing plugin" button even though I have the plugin installed. I removed the sniffer for the plugin and just used the object tag to display. It works when I view in safari/firefox stand alone, but not through air- which uses the webkit??? Did adobe write a wrapper based on the webkit framework that does not allow certain plugins to be visible? The plugin in question is http://unity3d.com/
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          AIR does use WebKit, but WebKit is just the HTML rendering engine—it doesn't include any plugins. Nor is the AIR copy of WebKit shared in any way with the browser on your machine. The only plugins supported by AIR applications are Reader (for PDF) and Flash Player (for SWF).