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    cfc page not found

    john85 Level 1

      I'm trying to binding cfgrid with a cfc but result in "Error Invoking somecfcomponent.cfc : Object not Found [...]".


      I then access that somecfcomponent.cfc from the URL (i.e. http://someserver/somecfcomponent.cfc") result in page not found.


      somecfcomponent.cfc is placed in the root directory. Root directory is c:\mywebsite\, thus http://someserver is pointing to c:\mywebsite.


      I been googling and people suggest that I need to do something with cfmapping? Been trying but to no prevail.


      Any idea?



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          john85 Level 1

          Never mind on this, damn URLScan block .cfc files.


          Now got a different error, but is is javascript error.


          Line: 798

          Error: Exception thrown and not caught.







          throw new SyntaxError("parseJSON");