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    QML file Creation Problem


      Using Adobe Captivate 3


      When publishing my latest eLearning module (62 slides) (4MB) I am attempting to create a .qml file for use in Perception.  This is something we've done dozens of time in the past several months with no issues.


      The issue:  Captivate closes completely just before the progress bar finishes and the .qml file is 'created' but is listed as 0KB.  It's not there.  Normally, you get the 'green check mark' when the file is finished publishing but it never quite gets there.


      What I've tried:


      Saving the file under a different name and republishing.

      Saving the file under a different name, different location, and republishing.

      Opening a 'new' file and copying the slides over from the file and republishing.

      Opening a 'new' file and importing the slides over from the file and republishing.

      Changing the settings under quiz preferences, saving, and republishing.


      ...nothing works.  This is really an odd situation.  I've even opened past .cp files and they ALL allow me to publish and create a .qml file.


      Any ideas?  I did a search in the Adobe forums but can't find anything with a similar issue.



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          cegrubb Level 1

          Ok, I'm still having problems here.  I've even tried importing piece by piece (5 slides at a time) then saving and publishing, I believe I have the error narrowed down to somewhere in the first 23 slides.


          Now I'm getting a 'buffer error' message (see attached image).  Is this related?  Can anyone help or am I S-O-L?

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi Chuck


            For any future posts, please use the camera icon to insert images inline. Well, only if you want us to see them.


            Fortunately it didn't happen in this case, but in many cases images get stuck in a queued status for an extended period of time. This makes your effort moot.


            Cheers... Rick



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              cegrubb Level 1

              Through my own research and recreating the module in a new Captivate file, I have discovered the issue to be associated with click boxes.


              I have a menu of options on the left slide over a span of 12 slides.  Each jumps to the slide where an image of that feature is displayed.  I was able to successfully save the first 5 slides but the remaining 7 still run into the buffer error.  Not sure if it's because I'm copying the click boxes instead of just inserting them manually.


              Considering this issue closed since no one has any input on the potential problem.  Thanks regardless.  CG