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    Wrong information in comumns project panel

    John Limetree

      I'm using Premiere Pro CS 3.2.0 in windows XP sp3.

      Clips captured with premiere to *.avi files.


      In the project window the column Audio info shows 720 x 576 (1.422) and video usage shows 32000 Hz etc.

      Columns after these are showing also information belonging to other columns.

      The column Creation date doesn't show up with information.


      Capturing with another program shows the same errors.


      Do anybody knows what is wrong?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          That is a new one to me. I'd click on the little right-facing arrow (top-right of the Project Panel) and down at the bottom of the drop-down, Rearrange Columns. I'd uncheck everything, so that all Columns disappear. Repeat, and this time, check the Colums that you do want. Hopefully, when redrawn the X'ed "wires" will be fixed.


          If that does not work, and Column location and info is part of the Project in CS3, Import your existing Project into a new one of the same Preset, and see if this forces the Columns to correct themselves. Here, I'm guessing that there might be corruption in your .PRPROJ file.


          Good luck,