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    [AS] Setting PDF Export Preset ahead of time?

    SuperMacGuy Level 2

      I would like to set the PDF Export Preset ahead of time, and be able to modify a couple aspects of that preset. [CS3]


      For example, I could set the preset before export to "Smallest File Size" then also turn on the "export spreads" option.


      If I try to set the Spreads option before exporting, and also say "using "SFS" in the export line, the "SFS" preset overrides/cancels out the Spread setting I previously set, it seems. Which is weird because I CAN set the security options before exporting a document and the security will override the preset I use after that command.


      But I'm not seeing an obvious way to "set active PDF Preset to something". It only works in the "export format PDF type to X using SFS without showing options".