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    Having a problem with pen tool locking up while tracing


      Hello, I have searched the internet high and low, even this forum before posting my problem.  It has to be somthing really simple that I am overlooking since it seems that this has never happened to anyone, but here it goes:


      I own an Ad Specialty business and I get artwork ALL of the time that I send off to a graphic designer to get vectored.  I've had Illustrator since I started the business, but had only used it for opening .ai files and verifying the artwork after it's been vectored.  Sometimes I'd send things out to get vectored and the G.A. was sending them back within 5 or 10 minutes.  I figured that I could at least learn enough to vector these simple logos by myself and save $20 here and there.  I finally decided that I was going to take it upon myself to learn to use the software I paid about $600 for, so I started doing as many Illustrator tuts as I could find.  I've successfully vectored a few simple logos and created lots of funny looking vector animals and characters, so I felt like I was on my way.


      Up until now that is, I haven't used the pen tool much.  The other day, I get a hand drawn logo that I want to vector for a customer, and it's a lot more complicated than I thought.  I'm going to have to use the pen tool to trace the whole thing.  I start on it no problem, but after I get going, the pen tool always locks up on me.  No matter where I click, I just get a beep.  Illustrator will not allow me to do anything with the pen tool and I cannot figure out why?


      As I said at the start, I've searched the net and cannot find anyone with this problem, so I know that it has to be something that is going to make me feel like a moron.  I don't care, I need help.  Does anyone have any idea why this happens?  Or more specifically, when it does happen, how do I get back to where I can use the pen tool?  I've re-started this little project about 5 times now.


      Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!