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    Color in digital printing

    toomeyt92 Level 1

      I'm doing my first project that will be sent for digital printing. I'm using CMYK values for the colors. Can I expect the same color results as I would get from printing on a Heidelberg press? These will be printed on 18x24 sheets, so proofs would cost me a bundle, and for complex reasons, I can't charge it to the client.


      BTW, every time I try to login to the forum, I have to create a new account because this slick new forum refuses to recognize my previous user ids and passwords. Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Steve Fairbairn Level 5

          Reckon it would be wise to talk to your printer. Ask him about things like dot gain and the settings for undercover removal and rich blacks.

          If he's got a profile for converting RGB to CMYK you should use it.

          There's usually not a big difference between high quality offset and digital printing but if you know exactly what to aim for before you start it might save you a lot of wasted effort.


          Can't help you with the id & password thing though.

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            toomeyt92 Level 1

            Thanks, Steve. I'll see what I can find out. Not sure what you mean about the RGB-CMYK conversions. They're printing in CMYK, so if I give them the codes (using PMS to get what I'm looking for), how does RGB factor into that?



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              Steve Fairbairn Level 5

              What I was on about is how to convert RGB photo images to CMYK. Normally you would do this in Photoshop but you need to know what colour settings to use to do it properly. Try to get hold of a .csf profile from your printer. If he hasn't got a home-made one, ask him which of the standard ones you should use.

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                toomeyt92 Level 1

                Thanks for the clarification. The posters consist of art created in Illustrator and Photoshop in CMYK, So for now I won't have to deal with this. I'm using anatomical drawings created in Illustrator and colorized in Photoshop. Not sure why the artist did it that way, but she's one of the best in this particular field of veterinary illustration, so I'm not questioning the choice.


                Future work planned with this client will include photos, so I'll get up to speed on your suggestions. The digital-print service bureau my client uses is a sizable company, so "home-made" wouldn't apply to anything they would provide me with.


                If it weren't for the limited binding options they offer, I might be content with digital printing for some other projects, too.