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    Premiere CS4 4.1 and Blackmagic Decklink


      I've loaded CS4 4.1 along with the latest Blackmagic Decklink 7.2 update software. I can see my timeline playing on my production monitor but I have no audio. If I load a clip into a new project using just the DV-NTSC 4:3 option then I get audio but I don't see my playback on my production monitor. If I select new project and select the Blackmagic DV-NTSC 4:3 option then I see the playback on the monitor but I get no audio. I've tried to change the preferences in CS4 in the audio section to recognize the Blackmagic Audio output and still nothing. I've checked the Blackmagic audio drivers on my machine and they are recognized. Anyone have similar problem or ideas how to fix. Greatly appreciated.


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          Have the same exact issues in our rig. Have the HD Extreme 3, with with our P6T7 WS SuperComputer MoBo with the intergrated SoundMAX HD audio and the Bose Companion 5 multimedia speaker system. I have contacted BM about this. Their support has been terrible to say the least. I have sent a couple emails in the past week with no response. I should have gone with the AJA Kona but thats another story. Our issue, which is similar to yours:


          (my email to BM)


          We have the HD Extreme 3 and we just purchased a Panasonic BT-LH1710 LCD reference HD monitor. We have it connected via BNC in the SDI on the monitor and out of the Extreme card in the first BNC slot (closest to the breakout cable input). We just shot footage with the Panasonic Varicam 2700 and if we choose DVCPROHD 720p from the presets in Premiere 4.1, we can view the material that is in the source monitor on the Panasonic but once we put on the timeline and thus program monitor, we cannot see the footage on the Panasonic reference monitor. If we choose from the Blackmagic presets it does work. Do we have to use the Blackmagic presets for our footage to be seen on our Panasonic monitor even though we should be using what we shot in, which in this case was DVCPROHD 720p 24fps P2?



          -Answer to this from what I gathered from others is: "You must always use a Blackmagic Design preset when you create a new Sequence. You will never ever get any out put from any other Timeline" Which I really don't know how that effects the project when cutting, if at all since we are not capturing from the card (thus using BM's CODEC but rather, using footage shot from our Panny P2's.



          Second issue is audio, even when using the blackmagic presets, we cannot hear audio. I have the settings all correct in Premiere and can see the levels moving, just can't hear anything out of our speakers. The audio works fine with our speakers in every other preset but Blackmagic's (if we choose Premiere Pro Sound as the Audio Hardware and Audio Output Mapping). Once we switch to Blackmagic, we do not hear any audio.



          -Answer - I have tried everything and am still unsuccessful and getting audio to play out o our BOSE speakers. It does play (not well) our of the Panny reference monitor but am still searhing for a solution. Under control panel for audio, it does show blackmagic audio and working but nothing as of yet. Kind of driving me crazy.




          If you read the third post down http://forums.adobe.com/message/1989667#1989667 from Roger he kind of touches on it but still doesn't solve the issue.


          I'd be interested to hear if you have a solution or really anyone has a solution.

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            dradeke Adobe Employee

            Premiere Pro 4.2 along with an upcoming release for Blackmagic may address some of these issues - though I don't know the details.


            Also of note, there is a 7.3.2 release for Blackmagic.  I had success with 7.2 so would expect 7.3.2 to be even better.  I would give it a try.



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              bee19 Level 1

              Running 7.3.2, still the same issue. It's very odd and starting to get pretty frustrating.

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                Just to make sure, when you are experiencing no audio, are you listening it from speakers/mixer/sdi connected to Blackmagic card or computers soundcard? Blackmagic presets have sound only straight from blackmagic card.


                And about video presets. As far as I know this is and has been always normal behaviour that you have special preset for addon card (or special project type in case of CS3). I guess it is same way with other manufacturers also. I have firsthand experience only with Blackmagic and Matrox and they both work same way.

                You get source window output with other presets because you have "Blackmagic Design Playback" selected in Player Settings in preferences.


                I hope it was of some help,



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                  bee19 Level 1

                  Thanks Tanel, about the preset, I kind of figured that in regards to the reference monitor. I was just questioning how it effected (IF AT ALL) the footage/project that was not captured with the BM card. For example, shot footage on the Varicam 2700 in 720p 24fps - normally I would use the (DVDPROHD - 720p - DVDPROHD 720p 24p preset) but now with the reference monitor coming out of the BM card, to view anything I have to use the (Blackmagic Design - HD720 - Varicam 8 bit YUV - 23.976) preset. See what I am saying.



                  In regard to the Audio, well that issue is still ongoing. So using a BM preset, the audio is ONLY coming out of there and not my Bose Companion 5 speakers (SoundMAX audio card). Is there any way to get the audio using a BM preset to come out of the BOSE speakers which only has a USB output. The breakout cables with the BM card of course has XLR's in and out but not an option. guessing for that to happen, need a mixer huh? Any other solutions?

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                    sookoll Level 1



                    As I am from PAL land and have never used those 23.976 and other NTSC presets I am kinda clueless how that 24 vs 23.976 thing is.

                    But we use DVCPROHD P2 material a lot (mostly from HPX-500 and HPX-171), recorded in 1080i/25PsF or 720/50p and also DVCPRO50 PAL. And for those there are matching BM presets and they work wonderfully. No difference if material is captured with BM card or is file based.


                    If Your speakers have only an USB connection then it is hard to get them to work. Its just my guess but I think it is much more foolproof situation if there are no other soundcards or usb speakers as there could be more problems with picture-sound sync that way. As we have mixers at all edit computers this has never been an issue for us so I dont really have much more advice other than smaller mixers are quite cheap . But of course then You still need new speakers as You cant connect usb speakers to a mixer too I think.