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    Probably Wasted Effort - but - A Letter to Intel

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      When I decided to build an i7 computer, I first went to the Intel site to search, and found the DX58SO


      I immediately ruled it out, since for "DDR3 Memory" it only has 4 Ram slots, and 4Gig Ram "sticks" are still way too expensive for me to consider


      So, after a lot of looking and reading, I've decided the ASUS P6 SE is my current choice (6 Ram slots x 2Gig each)


      But... I've had VERY good results with Intel motherboards, so today I wrote Intel a letter, asking if they plan to issue an i7 motherboard with 6 Ram slots


      I know very well this is probably a waste of time, and a 44 cent stamp, but I figure if nobody tells them of a product need, they will never consider a new product


      If I ever get an answer... I'll post back with what Intel said