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    My data disappears or moves rows when using a dateField Itemrenderer and Scrolling the dataGrid??

    majester8425 Level 1

      I am using a simple dateField itemrenderer (code as below). When I scroll up or down in the DataGrid, any Date I enter either appears to jump rows or disappears. I have seen a number of solutions, but none seem to work. I have tried all these options but none work. Any Ideas


      dispatching an event in the Override public function (dispatchEvent(new FlexEvent(FlexEvent.DATA_CHANGE));)

      setting the renderer with and height to a size

      setting dataChange="validateNow();" within the renderer.


      My Code :


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <mx:HBox xmlns:mx="

             <mx:DateField id="applyOnDtFld"
                           selectableRange="{{rangeStart : new Date()}}"/>

              private function onInitialize():void
              private function onEdit(evt:Event):void
                  data.wrApplyOnDt = evt.currentTarget.text;
              override public function set data(value:Object):void
                  super.data = value;

                  if(value.wrApplyOnDt != null && value.leaveApply == null)
                      applyOnDtFld.text = value.wrApplyOnDt;
                      applyOnDtFld.editable = false;
                      applyOnDtFld.enabled = false;
                      applyOnDtFld.setStyle("fontWeight", "bold");
                      applyOnDtFld.setStyle("disabledColor", "green");
                      applyOnDtFld.editable = true;
                      applyOnDtFld.enabled = true;