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    Form Submit - Load PDF to server

    hml398 Level 1

      OK - so I am totally new at this but here is what I want to do.   I have a form that I want the users to fill out and then submit back to the server - I just want a copy of the PDF loaded back to a directory on the server.   We are using ColdFusion if that makes a difference.    I have the form and the submit button done and I have the button set to send PDF format but I am not sure what the code at the URL portion needs to do.  I don't want to read it, just want to load it to the server.

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          Hodmi Level 4

          The URL is the target of the form's submission - where you want the PDF to be sent to once the user hits submit. The PDF will be submitted via an HTTP Post operation to the URL that you put in the URL.


          I'm not sure about CF, but with Java and .Net you just need to put a simple JSP, Servlet or ASPX that can recieve the HTTP Post and do something with it (such as write it to the file system)