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    Load full path to file in a table


      I am using flex and coldfusion to build a form and i cannot figure out how to show the path of a file in a database. I have a browse button which lets me select a file, but the txt input only shows the file name and not the full path. is there any way to have it return the path when you select the file?


      Please someone help me, this is driving me crazy!!


      Below is the code i am using to select the file


                // Reference to the file on disk (selected by user)
                  public var file:FileReference = new FileReference();


                  // Called when the "Browse" button is clicked           
                  public function doBrowse( event:Event ):void
                      // Prompt the user to select a file from disk               
                  // Called when the user selects a file from disk
                  public function doSelect( event:Event ):void
                      // Puts the name of the selected file into the UI
                      Hyperlink.text = file.name;



      <mx:TextInput x="482" y="467" id="Hyperlink" />
                  <mx:Button x="672" y="464" label="Browse" click="doBrowse( event )"/>