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    Running Windows version of AE on a Mac


      I know this doesn't make any sense but there is a PC only plug in that I think may be the solution to my problem.  Here is the software:



      I have a series of time lapse shots that were shot with the Canon 20D and Canon 5D and on some of the shots, especially those with florescent light, there is a noticeable flicker.  I've been demoing several plugins such as Sapphire and Furnace as well as trying several FCP and AE cocktails but still can't seem to fix the flicker. 


      Does anyone have experience with running a windows version on a Mac with Parallels or Boot Camp?  I would like to avoid rebooting between OSs if at all possible.


      Or does anyone have suggestions on flicker removal?



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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          AE CS4 Win works perfectly here under Boot Camp. Haven't tried it on Parallels.

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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            I'm using AE on Win via Bootcamp on a MBR with good success.


            But, as i'm doing a lot of timelapse, I know it's a pain to remove flicker, and I try as I can to prepare the shots so I will have close to no flickering.


            But this phenomenon can't be avoided fom times to time.


            So here is how i fix my flicking problems:


            I use Maltaannon's CE Pixel Sampler which is a nice custom effet when you need to analyse the color. I add a adjustement layer and then I define a sample region where the picture is easily "readable " (a full color for exemple) and flicker visible.


            And finally, with a little expression (I haven't the project at home with me so I don't have the specifics, but if you whatch maltaannon's tut on how the custom effect works, everything is in it) I link it to an exposure effect or a brightness/contrast (depends) to average it. Works great most of time

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Works fine with Bootcamp on a Macbook Pro, but should not be a problem with Parallels, either. Especialyl the latest versions seem to offer resource management down to the microscopic level (number of threads/ cores, memory allocation, priority management), so I would guess if you tilt the balance to 90% usage for the virtual system, you won't see much of a difference compared to booting it natively.