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    AppleScript - CS3 - Find and Replace Text from selected pages


      I have a plain AppleScript that finds and replaces text. But my script replaces it in all the pages. I just want to search and replace on certain pages. For example, I have a 10 page document.  I just want to replace the text "John" to "Steve" on pages 3 - 5.


      My current AppleScript is as follows:


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"

      set find text preferences to nothing

      set change text preferences to nothing


      --Search the document for the string "John".

      set find what of find text preferences to "John"



      --Replace the search with Steve

      set change to of change text preferences to "Steve"



      -- this is the actual search and replace command


      set myFoundItems to change text


      end tell


      What command do I need to make the search and replace only from page 3 to 5?


      Thanks in advance.