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    Connecting Project Monitor with external Monitor

    RickP33 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      Since I have still not found a solution to no video playing in my project monitor. What I did discover though is that when my camcorder is still plugged into the IEEE 1394 port, the playback works fine when on the camcorder monitor. So for a temporary solution to my problem I will be buying an external moniter that I can mount next to my computer and take it from there.


      However I am unable to find a monitor that has this IEEE 1394 port to make this connection. I see how I can connect to the computer using the HDMI or Sata USB ports, but I'm afraid that that will transfer my entire laptop monitor to the external monitor, which I do not want. I only want to transfer the screen from the Project Windor in Adobe to the external Monitor. Will a connection besides the IEEE 1394 work for this? (by the way I am not using HD footage)


      Also, I am still on the lookout for getting this problem fixed... Adobe has the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered. I was on hold with them for over an hour, then they gave me the link to an article that they said would answer my question, then they hung up and marked my problem as "case closed". The article is totally irrelevant to my problem. When I submit a problem online, they just send me links to articles that are also irrelevant to my problem...


      Anyone out there who is not having any problems with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 would be doing me a great favor if you simply reference the computer you are using, and the type of video graphics card you are using. I will use this information to do further research on this.


      2 more quick questions: Is there a difference in the Graphics driver required for Premiere Pro 1.5 and CS4?


      And lastly, If I continue to use Premiere Pro 1.5, would the project still be compatible with Adobe Encore CS4?


      Thanks everyone!