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    Which Flash Player when publish?

    Chemistry guy

      I'm using Flash CS4. What's the prevailing wisdom about which Flash player to select when publishing? I just accepted the default (Flash player 10), but I'm a bit worried because when I started my Flash movie on a computer today, the movie didn't start. It looked like a broken image link. There was no indication that it was because because the computer didn't have the latest Flash player, but I assume that was the problem.





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          shiftless Level 1

          I don't have CS4 but I think it should install Flash Player 10 when you install Flash CS4 on your computer so you should be able to test your FP10 movies locally. If you are using ActionScript3.0 you need to publish it with FP9+ and if you are using some new tools from CS4 (3D environment..) you have to publish it with FP10.

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            Chemistry guy Level 1

            Thanks...the animations I've made work fine on my own computer. I'm concerned about other peoples computers that might not have the latest Flash player. I don't think I'm using any of the new CS4 tools, so my questions could be restated as, "What Flash player are most computers likely to have?" How far back to I go? All opinions are welcome.

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              Rothrock Level 5

              Only you can answer the question about which player version to target when you publish. Many factors come in to play.


              • Is your audience early adopters and likely to have the latest player?
              • Is your content so insanely great that your audience will install the latest player just to see your content?
              • Is your audience likely to be corporate users who have a policy of being 2 (or 3!) versions behind the latest and greatest?
              • Does your content require some fancy feature only available to plugin X or greater?


              And so forth. So once you have answered those questions you can say, "Yes, we must publish to Flash 9 and nuts to those who won't come up to at least that point." (or whatever you decided.)


              After that you should add detection code to your html page that will redirect the user to some alternate content if they don't meet the minimal requirements. You can use the basic code that Flash generates to do that or you can use swfobject to roll your own.


              You should customize the alternate content to make it clear what is needed and how to get it. Maybe even give a little preview screenshot or something of your content to tease them and convince them on how much they are really missing out on, etc.


              Also in the past there were some bad detection scripts out there that would sometimes deny the user the ability to get to the content based on errors of judgement. So I generally like to add a link that says something like, "Yes, I really do know what my computer has installed and your detection script is stupid. Take me directly to the content. (Warning, if your computer really isn't up to date you will see only a broken link.)"

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                thepixelsmith Level 2

                This is a link to the study that Adobe commisions every three months to track the adoption of flash player:




                This is a breakdown by version:



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                  Chemistry guy Level 1

                  Great...I think I'll go with Flash player 9 and checking for lower versions using the code that Flash produces when I publish.


                  Many thanks