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    Bug in CS4???

    FlexDevNorway Level 1

      Seems like there is a problem with ScriptArgs and UTF-8 in IDS4. Because it does not handle UTF-8. Norwegian characters, and alle other non standard seems to not work. Did the same thing with IDS3 and there it worked. Is this a bug?

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          sungnoone Level 1
          I also have a similar problem.

          MyFlext Client-side and InDesign Server( http://localhost:18555/service?wsdl ) to pass parameters, there will be produced garbled.( Chinese UTF-8 )


          Some people can solve it?
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            I have successfully circumvented the problem by encodeing the parameter stings with base64 before sending (in c#) by using:

            string parameter = System.Convert.ToBase64String(System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes(toEncode));

            , and then decode in the ID script before using them.


            But this is just a hack.



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              UTF-8 should work.


              Is the script you are sending saved as UTF-8 or platform encoding? (needs to be UTF-8)


              Is this on Windows or Mac? Which version of the OS? If Windows, is your console's code page set to UTF-8 (chcp 65001)? If code page is 65001, is the font in the console a non-raster font?


              Does the same script work correctly when sent to IDS via 'sampleclient'?


              Can you provide a sample script that fails?



              -Brendan O'Shea

              InDesignServer Engineering

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                peterlyd Level 1

                Please note that the thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/482342 contains more information.

                But in short I am experincing lack of extended characters on a Windows Vista (and on win 2003) with IDS CS4 The webservice call contains utf-8 encoding of character  "æ" (is in hex: C3 83) , but the string read by indesign javascript contains wrong characterencoding = "<6d3f>"


                regards Peter