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    Adding brushes and symbols to Illustrator CS4

    Alana Bay Level 1

      I'm fairly new to Illustrator, though a long time Photoshop user, and I want to add some vectors I've downloaded from 123freevectors.  (I'm on a Mac)


      In Photoshop, I had no problem adding new brushes from other sources by just dropping them in Presets > Brushes folder.


      I tried doing the same with Illustrator by dropping downloaded vectors to Presets > Symbols.  Although they showed up in the library listing, the symbols were not correct.  Ditto by dropping them in Presets > Brushes. 


      How do I load new brushes and symbols, and how do I know which library to put them in when what I've downloaded is just described as vectors with extension of .ai  (some are .eps)