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    FLV files don't provide resize control and won't work on network.


      I'm using RH8 HTML and have embedded a FLV file using the multimedia/demo object into one of my pages. However after doing so i only get controls for play, stop, progress and volume, but nothing which lets the user set it to fullscreen. I've verified the generated page is using flashplayer 10 and whats strange is that when i embed this same video into a webpage using one of our other systems (outside of RH) which also uses flashplayer 10, the controls look totally different and contain a full screen button.


      Is there a way to get a full screen button and why do the controls look different in the RH generated page (especially given that both of my tests indicate that flashplayer 10 is being used)?


      Secondly I cannot embed a .flv which lives in a network location (ie: on sharepoint) - the RH generated page just shows a blank area where the video should show up. If i right click on that area it gives me the flash player 10 context menu so i know its there, but it doesn't display anything.