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    While Editing, PPro CS4 sometimes will not stop playing

    MYX Level 1


      I just got finished with a project that hit some frustrating issues.

      I was pulling my source from an edited sequence. So, better said, I had an edited sequence in the source window, was marking ins and outs and pulling them to the timeline. The majority of the piece was to a soundtrack only so I was pulling only the video to the timeline (Hilights reel). There were a few clips which used the source sound. I had no issues scrubbing, but occasionally it would go AWOL and refuse to stop playing. The only way it would stop is if it hit a rough patch and bogged down which sort of forced a stop (which I have never been grateful for until now), if it saved, or it reached the end of the piece. If it reached the end of the piece, it had a good chance of starting over from the top because I had pressed the space bar a couple of times trying to get it to respond and stop. So, I had 2 choices... 1 go and get a coke and hope it had stopped by the time I got back, or 2. CTRL - ALT - Delete and quit the program (the X button would not work). Like I said, it was not all the time, it was only intermittantly doing this which made me scratch my head. I could not find any to force it to fail. It just did it (sometimes).


      This was not a heavy project. The footage in these timelines were SD (DV). One stream of the video was a transcode from HD Source.


      The system is an HP

      Dual - Dual Core

      2.0 GHZ

      4Gigs -o- RAM

      XP Pro 32bit

      Premiere CS4 (4.1.0)

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'm a Coke fan myself, and will always recommend its consumption wherever possible.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This has been happening a lot lately. Do not know if it's a glitch in CS4, or if it's "phases of the Moon."


            You might want to do a search for similar issues. You can filter those searches to "People," and try Jim Simon, Harm Millaard and the_wine_snob. I think that we have commented in most of those other threads. Do not recall resolution in any, but may have missed that.


            Good luck,



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              MYX Level 1

              Thanks WS

              I had tried a number of ways to search this, but unfortunatly, I think that everyone will word this a little different as there is no jargan to specifically describe this problem. It is not really a hanging issue because it plays just fine. It is not a freeze because it eventually... unfreezes. If one were to make up some jargon, I would suggest it be as close to as possible to profanity to convey frustration, while not insulting anyone. But, I will do some additional searches, and more so, if it is found, I will link to it.

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                MYX Level 1

                And to Jim...

                But once one has gathered nearly a case of the stuff, well it is just hard to drink that much in one sitting. I guess a party is in order. Once the party is over, I can check to see if it has stopped playing. Productivity will go down, but according to the comercials, we will all have much higher moral.



                see "Mokumentary"

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  I'm assuming your system is busy doing other things when you stop playing and while it is busy, you have to wait for the playing to stop. The most obvious reasons are that you have Search Indexing on and possibly Compression on, on a system with an insufficient disk setup. Maybe not 7200 disks, not 3 physical disks, etc.


                  Go to My Computer, click and then right click on your C drive, select properties and make sure that the bottom two tick boxes are cleared. Instruct Windows to apply that to each and every folder, including sub-directories. Repeat this for every other drive on your system. If Windows warns you that it can not perform this action on certain files, just skip them.


                  23-08-2009 01-12-36.jpg

                  That may make the difference.

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                    MYX Level 1

                    Hey Harm,

                    I have read a lot of your stuff here (on the forum, not just this post). Thanks for the reply.


                    On Both C and D, compression was off, but indexing was on. C has now been unticked and it is doing it's thing now. I will do D as soon as it is done (seems to be taking a while).

                    I have seen folks recomend a 3 disk config. The 3rd disk is previews and cache correct? do you just set it at the start of each project and then purge it once the project is complete? We do a lot of our stuff across a gigabit switch (though this project was all local).

                    We could use the D for cache, and keep the assets on the NAS if the 3 drive setup is critical.

                    My D Drive is 2 - 7200RPM in RAID 0 - with 60% currently free


                    Once the indexing is fully off, I will play with the project a little. It is strange because it has not done it at all this morning, nor last night (prior to turning indexing off).


                    We are in the process of getting set up for fiber which will illiminate any bottlenecking, but this is currently a nonworking war headache for our engineer. It is working in mac land but not for the PCs.