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    Set defaults for Quiz message boxes

    Mr.Face Level 1

      Is there a way to change the default for the fill color, stroke width/color, and to eliminate the drop shadow from the message boxes that are generated by Quiz Master and appear as the learner takes a quiz? I'm talking about the pop ups that say things like, "Correct, click anywhere to continue" and "You must answer this question to continue", etc. I know where to set the font size and face but haven't seen anything that lets me set a default for the box properties themselves.


      Anyone know how to do this?

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          Hi Mr.Face


          We've got a Design Template we use for our quiz slides.  We're also creating new buttons for various things.  I see that when you add a Quiz slide and go to the properites of the Success box you can change the "Caption Type".  Click the drop down list.  At the very bottom is a <custom> and you're able to select a *.bmp file.


          So my guess is that you can create your own captions and use them instead of those that come standard with CP4.


          I haven't looked to see if you can change the caption type in a design template.  If you could then that would be simpler.  If you can't then you could apply the change to all Properties, Slides and Success Captions using the click box of the Success Caption (see the bottom left corner of the box for the "Apply to all" setting).




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            leo_leo Level 2

            Hi Face,


            There is no such setting provided by Presenter apart from Font specific and Button placement setting .Though you can edit it via Powerpoint .



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              Mr.Face Level 1

              Hi Anita,

              Thanks for the reply. But I think you are speaking about Captivate, which does allow you to set colors or even create bmps for the captions. I'm trying to find the same options in Presenter.

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                Mr.Face Level 1


                Thanks for commenting. Font and placement of buttons are the only things I can manage to find as well. It's a shame you can't set defaults for the other properties. It's not very efficient to have to go through every question and reformat the captions manually in PowerPoint.


                Maybe the next update?...

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                  robva65 Level 2

                  The defaults for the Presenter objects are set up by way of some of the .dll files which are part of the software application.  So what you'll end up with are those plain-Jane grey feedback boxes every time you create question slides in PowerPoint.


                  That said, you *could* create a dummy PowerPoint file that contains a number of Presenter objects: buttons, feedback boxes, etc and style those as required.  So the next time you create question slides for another presentation, you can easily copy/paste the stylized elements from the "library" deck and use them in your production deck.


                  We produce Presenter content for a number of clients...and each one has their own brand/color scheme standards that we have to adhere to.  Having reusable items that can be called upon in a pinch makes it a bit easier versus having to select each feedback box, style it and move onto the next...and having to do that for each and every question slide is a pain.


                  Obviously this doesn't solve some of the global issues raised here, but I've been using the above technique since Breeze 5.1 and haven't had any performance issues yet!