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    CS3 - Column Graph - Changing Color

    d2c Level 1

      Created a column graph with some data, no problem. I have highlighted several of the bar with the Direct Selection Tool and changed the interior color and transparency. During that change the program changes the keyline of the bars to the same transparency as the fill. I can't figure out how to change/have the keyline around the bar 100% Black.

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          By using the Appearance panel you can select either the fill or the stroke of an object and then set the transparency of just that part.


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            d2c Level 1

            Under normal circumstances I would agree BUT in this case I can highlight the one bar, go up to Window; Appearance and it tells me it has a 0.5pt stroke in Black. I have switched between content and stroke on the tools pallet BUT when I change the Transparency of what I thought was the stroke, it changes the content.

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              d2c Level 1

              I am wondering if the problem comes from the Data that created the Column Graph being locked into that Graph. I will try to unlock everything and see if that works.

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                d2c Level 1

                The only way I could change the keyline to solid black while changing the transparency of the interior color was to Direct Select the bar; Copy; Paste in Front and then change the bar in front to No Fill and black stroke.

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                  Steve Fairbairn Level 5

                  If you need to fiddle with a graph after it has been created it's not a bad idea to make a copy of it and ungroup the copy, thereby unlinking the data. Internal grouping in graphs in complex and can cause reversions to original colours as long as the data is active. Experiment with the direct selection (white arrow) tool, option-clicking and option-double-clicking on parts of a graph and you will see how things are grouped.

                  Once you have ungrouped you will no longer be able to access graph data or graph styles but will be dealing with ordinary objects that can be handled in the usual way. If data needs to be altered at some point, you always have the original to fall back on.


                  Illie's graphs tend to be rather unstable, so it's always a good idea to ungroup them before sending them to print.

                  Saving pdfs of graphs without preserving Illustrator editing capabilities will have this same effect. You will not be able to access data if you try to open (in Illie) a pdf thus created.