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    "Security Warning" dialog box when click script set to Run at Server

    Jared Langdon Level 1

      I am rendering a PDF form using the renderForm component.  I'm setting the Target URL.  I have a script on a button set to "run at server".  I can render my form in a browser and fill it out, but when I click the button I get a dialog box with a title of "Security Warning".  It says "Acrobat is attempting to connect to [target URL]" with options to Allow or Block.  Is this the expected behaviour for server-side execution of scripts?


      I'm thinking that maybe I should just use a submit button instead.  The problem with that though, is that I don't want to run the mandatory field rules and validation rules.  As I understand, you can't submit a form with a submit button unless all the mandatory fields are completed.


      Here's the requirement.  I need to have two "submit" buttons.  One checks all the mandatory field rules before submitting a "final" version of the form.  The other button submits a "draft" version without the mandatory checks.  I was hoping that the second button could be implemented as a normal command button with a script that executes server-side.  Sure enough, it attempted to submit without checking the mandatory fields.  Unfortunately I ran into other undesirable side-effects including a distressing "Security Warning" dialog box.




      Jared Langdon