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    Custom Components and passing arguments

    Marlene Level 1

      This afternoon i got a great answer regarding the use of custom MXML components and calling a function back in the main application file. I can accomplish this now by using parentDocument BUT I need to pass the name of a function(for filtering) as a parameter of the function call in the custom component. Below are the two code fragments.


      Custom Component Code


      <mx:LinkButton label="10% off or more" click="parentDocument.filterFunction(showTenPercent)" />



      Main App Code


      public function filterFunction(functionName:Function):void {






                  public function showTenPercent(item:Object):Boolean {

                          return (item.merchantOfferCategory=="10%");




      The filterFunction in the main App is called by multiple components so I believe I need to keep in centralized in the main app. There is probably another way to do this but I am building my Flex skills slowly and need to understand how to do this. As the code is now, I get an error about functions and strings.

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          I believe instead of calling the function from inside the custom component you need to do this from inside your main application whenever you're initiating the custom component.


          for ex.


          <custom:LinkBtnCustom label="10% off or more"  click="filterFunction(showTenPercent)"/>



          this way you don't need the parentDocument prefix.