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    Features needed


      I need the ability to pad a field with a character like " . . . . . . " or "--------" or "$" etc.  I also need a smaller font size than 8.  Font color selections would be great. Just black is limiting.  There are no line weights or border thicknesses-only thin.  Also, different alignments for the caption and the fillable field would allow better text alignments on my forms.  Shading of fields that are for "For Office Use Only" would be nice.  A selectable scroll bar for zoom % would be nice too.  An entry line for editing when the text is too large and disappears would make typo fixing easier. . .


      Am new to this site so not sure if these have been requested elsewhere. . .

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          Stefano Maestri

          Hi all

          I'm checking the creation of portfolio documents with Assembler.

          It seems that using Assembler, any document that can be converted into pdf by PDFG will be converted before insert it inside the portfolio.

          If this a good feature when calling Assembler to convert Windword documents to pdf, it is not when is creating a portfolio.

          Acrobat insert the files with its own mimetype... without conversion.

          There should be a param to set for this conversion somewhere....