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    Making 2 datasources from one XML - New to Flex


      Hello all,


        I am new to flex but am exited by what I have been able to do already. I created a webservice to pass an SQL Data pull.

      That data comes in as:


      <count><brand>M</brand><concept>xxxx</concept><max>123</max><min>100</min><start>100</star t><end>123</end></count>

      <count><brand>T</brand><concept>yyyy</concept><max>423</max><min>400</min><start>400</star t><end>423</end></count>  



      I am using the candlestick graph and need to create two data sources: One for brand M and one for brand T

      Any suggestions would be helpfull. Sorry, this seems to be so simple but I am learning still and haven't been able to figure it out.


      Thank you in advance for your help.