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    CS3 PP and HDV recording/capture


      Good evening and thank you for the assistance as my school ventures into the world of HD!  I really appreciate the insight on this forum and am grateful for your responses!



      I do not have the computer specs in front of me but they are brand new machines with 3 GB RAM and other stats which fall in line with a typical 3 GB machine.  Windows XP.  Firewire, USB ports.



      http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/537980-REG/Sony_HDRHC9_1_HDR_HC9_MiniDV_High_Definit ion.html


      HD capture device (or at least what I'm using)*:

      http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/516841-REG/Sony_GVHD700_GV_HD700_HDV_Video_Walkman.h tml


      Firewire connection between the HD capture device and computer


      A couple of hiccups along the way so far.  I've gotten the walkman device up and running with PP and it's terrific; very fluid.  However, I can't seem to find a way to actually capture in high def.  I'm THINKING this is because I've only recorded in standard using a regular old mini-DV tape and the walkman device simply knows there is no HD signal to send but I wasn't sure.  I'd like to get some HD tapes to try things out but thought I'd ask here first if that all sounds right.  Makes sense that I wouldn't be able to capture in HD with HD footage, but I was hoping to ease my mind before actually trying haha.


      I was given the impression, and still hold it, that this camcorder will record in both standard and HD.  I've recorded on the camcorder using a standard tape and can get it to play back on the camcorder, but when the football coach tried to play the mini-DV tape in his device he uses to dub tapes for other coaches, it simply would not play.  Sort of odd.  Is there some sort of setting to tell the camcorder, "hey, I only have a regular old mini-DV tape in you"?  I have not really tested this much myself but promised the coach I'd look into it for him.


      Finally, I was beginning to think that part of the problem in all of this may be my lack of knowledge in regards to the settings when creating a project.  I used to always use the standard 48 setting.  This works still and I can capture my standard mini-DV tape no problem it seems.  When I finally get to the bottom of this HD business, knowing what tapes and settings to use, how should I be creating a project in PP?


      1) Assuming I need HD tapes to record and capture in HD, what other tidbits must I know when using this equipment together?  I know this is likely the case (duh) but I wanted to check in case there were other red flags as to why this might not be letting me do anything HD.


      2)  Will the walkman capture to PP in HD once I've actually recorded something with my HD camcorder and HD mini tape?


      3)  How do I get the camcorder to record, and actually playback outside of the camcorder itself, when using a standard mini-DV tape?  In limited testing (see football coach discussion above), this appears problematic.


      4)  How can I tell the camcorder to recognize the difference between HD and standard.  Is this even necessary?  It never appears so when recording but playback is giving us problems in our limited testing (again, see coach example).


      5) What project creations settings would I be best suited to use?  What are the differences when talking standard versus HD.

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      *I've had the darndest time with camcorders shorting out and losing connectivity.  The primary reason for the purchase of this Sony walkman device is so that I have a stationary (and locked up) capture device connected at all times that will never be plugged in and out over and over.