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    How to track border hover of text area?

    ckisthebest Level 1

      Hi All,


      I really need some idea. I am using text area which is movable. It moves when you drag it.


      Now i want to move it only while clicking on border. If you have seen text area in powerpoint on which if you hover on border it shows a + cursor.


      I want to implement same thing in flex. Does anyone have idea?




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          add a mouseMove event listener to the text area.


          ta.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, onMouseMove);


          private var upperThreshold:int = 5;

          private var lowerThreshold:int = 10;

          private var leftThreshold:int = 3;

          private var rightThreshold:int = 6;

          private function onMouseMove(evt:MouseEvent):void{

               var isOnBorder:Boolean = false;

               if (ta.mouseY <= upperThreshold){

                  isOnBorder = true;

               }else if(ta.mouseY >= ta.height - lowerThreshold){

                  isOnBorder = true;

               }else if(ta.mouseX <= leftThreshold){

                   isOnBorder = true;

               }else if(ta.mouseX >= ta.width - rightThreshold){

                   isOnBorder = true;



               if (isOnBorder){

                   //set your styles and listen for mouse down event


                   //remove your styles and mouse down event listener




          In the above example, you'll also want to listen for a mouse out even to so you can remove any styles and unwanted event listeners.