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    Does the setpref command work with Mac Shockwave 11 player?


      I have an existing application that makes use of setPref and getPref commands to store the user state.
      Recently, we have had users reporting problems and I have now narrowed the scope of the problem down to Mac users who have the latest Shockwave 11 player. My testing has shown that these systems seem to completely ignore calls to setPref() - that is, no txt file is ever written to the user's Prefs folder....

      Can someone please confirm that this functionality is not broken on Mac Shockwave 11 machines?

      I have been using the following page as a convenient test: http://www.director-online.com/buildArticle.php?id=329
      At the bottom is a small Shockwave movie that uses setPref/getPref to save a 'bookmark'. Can Mac users please reply to this thread and confirm that this is working for them?
      Any other suggestions would also be appreciated...