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    Illustrator PDF watermark




      I've a PDF file with watermark under it's content, this water mark is visible when I open the file with adobe reader,but when I opened this file in Illustrator, The watermark isn't displayed and isn't printed, any one know why??


      The file is attached

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't see any watermarks, neither fixed graphics nor Acrobat-specific watermarks and backgrounds. Acrobat tells me there are none. If you see some, the document may have restrictions of some kind attached to it. Didn't check that. Of course, AI being a graphics program, it doesn't care about such stuff and has no way of re-creating it - if a PDF document is not truly locked to prevent it from editing, it will open just normal and yours has even ful lAI editability, so I doubt it has ever been given a security treatment in Acro.



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            Mostafa.Ali.Mohamed Level 1

            Thanks for your reply,


            I've attached a screenshot for the same files, opened in Acrobat and Illustrator, you'll see, how the image dissappeared when viewed on Illustrator.

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              [scott] Level 6

              Not sure how it was created...





              The images behind the pink are actually embedded raster images. I don't know why they aren't present when just opening the PDF in AI. They are present if you burn the PDF (Export to EPS, then open the EPS in AI)


              Never seen that type of construction. I'd be interested to know how it was pulled off or if it is just a glitch in the file.

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                Mostafa.Ali.Mohamed Level 1

                I've used a PDF library that created this image, I don't know, if there's a better library to watermark a PDF, and that can show up in AI, I really need this behaviour.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  No idea. You may get better answers about such geek tech on the PDF language and Acrobat forums. Could be that the image was embedded in a user chunk instead of the default image section and so only appears in programs that read the user data (which AI doesn't for the most part).



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                    PrepressPro1 Level 4

                    I don't know how this raster image is placed into this PDF, and it is strange it won't display in Illustrator. Only files I have seen like this are old DCS copydot files which show up as "Non Native" in Illustrator. I have attached the file with the image flattened in Acrobat by putting one watermark space character in at 99% opacity, and then using the flattening preview to flatten the image. Hope this helps.

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                      PrepressPro1 Level 4

                      The other thing to do is use the Touch up Object tool to remove everything execpt the image, save as, a new PDF, this can then be opened in photoshop or placed into the Illustrator file to be edited.

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                        Mostafa.Ali.Mohamed Level 1

                        Thank you all, the methods you mentioned work for extracting image or at least to flatten it,


                        But this isn't my aim,


                        My aim originally is that, I've a printer/cutter, which need a pdf file with a path drawn with cutContour spot color on one layer, and drawings on other layer, so my original PDF has 2 layers, and I need to be able to add images to this pdf file after it's been originally created, So, I though of adding these images as watermark, I'm not sure, if there's any other approach to do this programatically (from outside AI), but till now, all my trials to print was unsuccessful, and files don't show correctly in AI.

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                          vlaming01 Level 1

                          Is there a reason you need to add the image outside of Illustrator?  You could use InDesign instead to add an image, or use the layer function in Illustrator/InDesign as you create your pdfs.