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    Best Practices, Hints, Tips and General good ways to do things.

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      Hi all. So I've been playing with RH8 the last few days and quite like it so far. I've managed to figure out most things. Various outputs, importing docs, setting up styles, using variables, embedding topics and single sections of text.


      What I'm wanting to get from the community is some advice of good ways to do things that will make my life easier.


      Any tips regarding laying out large books, single sourcing tips, tips regarding images, custom HTML stuff.


      Anything you think is a great way to do something that would otherwise take some trial and error to find out.


      Thanks very much. This list could perhaps in the end go to Adobe themselves and be added into their own documentation somewhere to help new users like myself.


      cheers. Nick

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          The best advice I can think off is to visit the sites of Rick and Peter and get some info there. Those sites contain a vast amount of tips, best practices and problem descriptions.


          My guess is that you use Robohelp HTML, if that's the case: Mmake your life easy and use snippets and variables for easy maintanence and always use styles from a stylesheet. Never use inline styling (most other option on the formatting toolbar), unless you want a lot of work when you discover a certain style is giving you problems. This will require you to create a rather large style sheet, but that pays off in maintenance when your project has over a thousand topics.