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    Adobe Media Encoder: Converting QuickTime to Flash?


      Hi Creatives and Techno-wizards!

      I'm trying to put video(s) online. They were created in Final Cut Express (QuickTime), in HD 1920x1080 format. My first attempt to encode a 5 minute video resulted in a 27Mb file (of course, I reduced the resolution to about 500 pixels wide during the encoding). But, since I'm not familiar with encoding to Flash, can someone tell me: Is 27Mb a large file to be uploading to my website (I want it to be downloadable to viewers "progressively", as opposed to true streaming). Does anyone know if I should resize when I export from Final Cut Express, and then encode from there? Will it make my files smaller? Or is it okay to do the resizing during the encoding process? Does it make any difference? Is there a preferred method/procedure/order of doing things to minimize file sizes? Any advice at all (with regard to ANY aspect of encoding to Flash) would be greatly appreciated.