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    Branching based on radio button response

    gerardgreen Level 1



      I want three radio buttons on a slide that the user can only select one of. Based on the choice I wish to branch to one of three different paths of slides. Can anyone please point me in the direction of any tutorial or examples of how this is done please.

      Many thanks.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can link the action 'Jump to slide X' to the radio button X. You have to be aware that at the end of the X-series of slides, you will have to direct to perhaps an 'end slide' p.e. by linking a similar action 'Jump to End slide' to the End of the last slide of the X-slides. Same for the Y-button, Z-button, etc.

          To have a visual idea of the linking, you can switch to the Branching View.

          Another approach is to make 4 movies. In the first you make the slide with the radio buttons, link the action 'Open project X' to X-button, etc.

          Just a tip: can you mention the version of CP when posting a question on this forum?

          As for tutorials, check the Adobe team blog: blogs.adobe.com/captivate or the blog of R Jacquez (both are mentioned in the main page of this forum). Have a look perhaps at http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/2009/03/roundup_of_captivate_events.html

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            gerardgreen Level 1

            Thanks Lilybiri.


            I have set up three buttons that branch as you suggested. This works fine for my first attempt.


            I was trying to locate an object that displayed a defined number of radio buttons and then branched from the one chosen. I have not been successful yet; however, I will keep experimenting.


            I am using the trial of Captivate 4 as a precursor to buying the e-Learning Suite. I just wanted to make sure it would do a few of the things I needed first.


            Thanks again for your input.