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    How can I change brush size?

    ghotarama Level 1

      I really have two questions.


      1. How can I change the size of the brush tool? It's all greyed out on every project I start, stuck at the very smallest size (0.10). I'm trying to trace over a photo at the moment, and it's taking FOREVER with the tiny little brush. It only un-greys itself after I draw a line, but I can only change the size of the line I've just drawn. As soon as I go to draw a new line, it goes straight back to size 0.10. It's incredibly frustrating!


      I'd use the pencil tool, because I can change that, but...


      2. How do you make the eyedropper tool put your chosen colour into the pencil colour box as opposed to the brush box? Every time I use it, it forces me to use the brush. Which, because of the above problem, is ridiculously inconvenient to draw with in just about every situation.