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    CatalystBuilderSync, a tool to synchronize Catalyst and Builder

    Gilles Guillemin Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I've just published today the first public iteration of CatalystBuilderSync, an AIR application designed to simplify exchanges between Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder.

      It's still a very early version (0.6.2), absolutely NOT bug free but it already makes the dialog between both applications a great deal simpler.


      Here is an excerpt of the features from the application page:

      Current Features

      • - One-way (Catalyst or Builder data only) or two-way (merge) synchronization
      • - Automatic synchronization
      • - Can synchronize entire projects or simply sub-folders (like the default components folder for example)
      • - Automatic activation: whenever a project is opened in Catalyst, if this project is registered in CatalystBuilderSync it is automatically activated (and the other projects are deactivated accordingly).
      • - Deletions synchronization
      • - Revert to previous version functionality: every time an operation is performed an incremental backup of both Catalyst and Builder projects are created so the user can restore his projects to a previous state
      • - Auto-update functionality to automatically stay up to date with further versions of CatalystBuilderSync
      • - File extension filter: CatalystBuilderSync copies only specific files (mxml, as, xml, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, ico, swf, swc, ttf, f4v) and doesn’t affect other files that might be present in the projects folders (like hidden subversion files for example). You can freely add other filetypes specific to your own projects.

      Planned Features

      • - Windowshade functionality to reduce the real estate occupied by CatalystBuilderSync to the active project only
      • - Stay on top functionality
      • - Notifications to give a visual feedback when a synchronization occurred. It might also become complementary to the auto-sync functionality: instead of synchronizing all the time a notification could pop up every time a modification in the projects occur (or at regular interval) and let the user decide when and what kind of synchronization he wants to trigger.
      • - Improving CatalystBuilderSync UI: what’s the point in having a software that simplifies exchanges between Catalyst and Builder and doesn’t fully take all the benefit of it?

      Read more: http://www.flexstuff.co.uk/applications/catalystbuildersync/#ixzz0PNeHB9Jj


      Today's blog announcement:

      CatalystBuilderSync 0.6.2: First public alpha


      And a direct access to the application itself (with demos, features list, etc):



      I am definitely looking for feedback so don't hesitate to reply here or post comments on the application page.



      Gilles Guillemin

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          Philippe Chaurand

          Yeah ! Nice job !!! It seems we are on the same road ---> CatalystPlus


          However, this nice application works differently than mine :

          • it s SYNCHRONIZING everything (whereas CatalystPlus IMPORTS everything or just the skins/assets)
          • it does not separate the look&feel in a library project
          • you can manage multiprojects
          • this app does not seem to come from old ages like mine !


          Anyway, you know fellows ... frenchie frogs rock !

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            Gilles Guillemin Level 1

            Thanks !


            So yes, our approach is slightly different, but less than you think. Actually, my usual workflow consists in not synchronizing the entire source folder but simply the components folder in which Catalyst creates its own components and skins. I keep the same structure in my own builder projects but keep the modifications to those components to a minimum. Instead, I add all the logic to those components using composition via a Mediator pattern, close to the one used in PureMVC. I'll publish an example of that on my blog at some point.

            It's also perfectly possible to synchronize different folders by creating several sub-projects to a specific project, one sub-project synchronizing for example the skins folder, another one the assets folder, etc (I'm throwing random folder names here).
            I'll try to add in the next iterations the possibility to select which folders and sub-folders to include/exclude and also the possibility to limit the synchronization to a folder's content and not going any further into the hierarchy.


            Anyway, work in progress!


            One last point: CatalystBuilderSync synchronizes indeed, but on demand. If you deactivate the autosync functionality (which is deactivated by default) you can mimic your import function by selecting the Catalyst overwrites Builder button and you'll get something pretty similar to your import everything function. Anyway.


            And yes, French people rule the World! The World just doesn't seem to be aware of that yet... Odd.