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    Batch import and distribution of Acrobat Forms


      I have a requirement to distribute to clients forms prepopulated with their existing data, for them to correct and return.


      I've got the XML feeding into the LCD form and then generating the _distributed.PDF just fine. I've even got an XML file of 100 records feeding into the form correctly, but then you can't split the compiled form into the 100 personalised forms for distribution - split by bookmarks doesn't work, and extractPages comes up with a security error.


      There is a Populate and Save to Folder batch sequence, but the documentation for this is incomplete (the FormsBatch.pdf mentioned by the Batch Sequences documentation is nowhere to be found), and in any case this is trying to feed in data from an MS Access .MDB database, which is not what I want.


      So how do I set up a batch process to import multiple XML records into a single form and output one _distributed.PDF for each of them?


      (By the way, the form needs to be a dynamic form of variable length because when I fill out the XML with all the customer info it will need flexible subforms.)