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    Allow "linked" files (not "embedded" smart objects)


      While smart objects allow you to place a file and then edit it internally, the original file is basically embedded into the photoshop file (as per the comments on the online help section about "smart objects").


      It would be great to have the ability to *link* a file. Let me try to explain:


      - Files a.psd and b.psd are files that I manage individually (and which I need to keep as separate files in my HD)

      - File all.psd combines a.psd and b.psd into a larger image by using a "link" to them


      When I update a.psd or b.psd, all.psd should update the image automatically.


      With "smart objects", after I place a.psd and b.psd, any changes to the original a.psd and b.psd are NOT reflected; I have to manually "replace contents" with the original files. If I update "a.psd" or "b.psd" within "all.psd" (so that the changes are reflected in all.psd "automatically" --- not really automatic, one must first save image before the update happens), then the change is NOT reflected in the original a.psd file in my HD.


      I tried multiple online searches, and I believe that this is a new feature request, since the closest things are smat objects, but that's not what I'm looking for.