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    Problem with web services in production server


      I created an App in flash builder, and tested it on my local server. The app ran well, with me using php services generated by flash builder as templates. When I moved to the production server, I copied the directory structure and changed the "endpoint" property of all the web services to the new location of the "gateway.php" file - basically the same except for [domain name]/gateway.php instead of localhost/gateway.php.  After compiling and uploading to the server, I get the "Channel disconnected" error. I added a check to see if the gateway.php is even called(a "file_put_contents" at the files begining), and it doesn't seem to work. I checked the address, and its the right one.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks alot

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          latha.nagaraj Level 1


             Please try changing the endpoint URL to "gateway.php".



          Since you are looking at deploying your application to another server, export release build is the workflow you need to use.


          The export release workflow is under development. Till then you can try the following manual steps to move your application to a production server:


          1. Your current local webroot would have a folder called ZendFramework, zip it and upload it to your server. Unzip the framework in your web root. One point though, installing the framework in webroot is not the recommended by Zend, so if you are able to manage some other install location then that would be the best way to install ZF. If ZF is installed in a location other than webroot, then you would have to update the amf_config.ini file which will arrive at your server in the subsequent steps.

          2. find/replace all the endpoint URLs in the MXML files from http://localhost:8080/ProjectName-debug/gateway.php to gateway.php


          3. export release build of the project (File -> Export -> Flash Builder -> Export Release Build)


          4. ensure that the gateway.php and amf_config.ini have been copied into the bin-release folder.


          5. zip the bin-release folder contents into <sitename>.zip


          6. upload sitename.zip and unzip its contents in /wwwroot/<sitename>/



          Hope this helps.




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            lee-orr Level 1

            First - thanks for the quick answer. I already did most of the steps, except for the "export relese build". The result is that now I get a "send failed" error instead of the "Channel disconnected" one. Also - if I just copy the folder of the site on my own server, It runs perfectly - even though the root is different.


            Any Ideas?


            Thanks Again,


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              latha.nagaraj Level 1

              Hi Lee-Orr,


                 Is it possible to share your project ?? If thats not an option, can you please share a video recording of your project structure and the output folder structure (on server)  for both development and production server.

                 Maybe that will give us a hint of what the issue could be.